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This site is dedicated to the Members of the 191st Assault Helicopter Company in Vietnam. Those who survived, and especially those that perished. We all gave something, but some gave everything.

  Picture Courtesy of Paul Zawicki

A Knight's Prayer

My Lord, I am ready on the threshold of this new day to go forth armed with thy power, seeking adventure on the high road, to right wrong, to overcome evil, to suffer wounds and endure pain if need be, but in all things to serve thee bravely, faithfully, joyfully that at the end of the day's labor, kneeling for thy blessing, thou mayest find no blot upon my shield. This I ask through Jesus Christ Our Lord , who Livest and reignest with God the Father in unity with the Holy Ghost, for all ages of ages. Amen.

 -From Chester Cathedral, England
Founded in the year 1092





We will never forget this day,
Nor the souls lost at the hands of our enemies.
It is We the People of the United States that defy them, and We stand United

God Bless America







191st Assault Helicopter Company

 Green Valley, Arizona
September 14, 2023 until. September 18, 2023

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The 191st AHC Story

The Book about the 191st is finished, and copies of it will be available for purchase at the 2018 Reunion

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The Freedom Shield  is available for purchase  here


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The 191st AHC Page on the Virtual Wall ® Vietnam Veterans Memorial
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A tribute to Bud Patnode
and "Mother Goose", and more...

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While these Quick Links point to some areas of interest on this website, please be sure to scroll down the page to see it all including Reunion Information, and Unit History.

Support the 191st AHC Association

  Regular and Life (voting) memberships are available to all former 191st AHC members.  Membership begins January 1st of each year and ends on December 31st for Regular members and   dues are paid annually.  Life membership is perpetual.

Regular Membership is $40.00 for two calendar years

Life Membership is based on age:
Age                 Fee
54 & Under    $300
55-60              $275
61-65              $250
66-70              $225
70 & Up         $200

Association Members can view their membership status HERE

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The AHC Association Page - Click here  

191st AHC Association
 3330 North Galloway
 Mesquite, TX  75150

Veteran's News

The 2011 edition of the Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents is
now online.  This annually updated desk reference covering federal
benefits programs for veterans and their families is available at:


Veterans should also take a look at this website concerning VA Benefits:

Thanks to Paul Zawicki for this update


VA Agent Orange Page


VA Proposes Change to Aid Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange

Thanks to Alan Maw for this update



Request Copies of Military Records

Replacement Awards and Decorations


191st Assault Helicopter Company

Clarksville, Tennessee // Fort Campbell
September 13 - 16, 2018

The 2018 191st AHC Reunion was held in Clarksville, Tennessee September 13 - 16, 2018.

Click Here for Pictures from Clarksville Aerial Photography

Click here for 191st Reunion Pictures by Floyd Davis and Victoria Howard

Click for the After Action Report

Click Here for the Morning Report (Attendee List)


191st AHC Association


September 8 - 11, 2016
Las Vegas, Nevada


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(Attendee List)



191st AHC 2014 Reunion
Salt Lake City, Utah

September, 2014



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191st AHC 2012 Reunion
Orlando, Florida

September, 2012

Thanks to Ed McKee for this picture


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191st AHC Reunion - 2010
Las Vegas

Click HERE for the After Action Report


191st AHC Reunion - 2008
The 191st Reunion in 2008 was held at the Galt House in Louisville, Kentucky
9/5/2008 through 9/7/2008

2008 Reunion After Action Report

2008 Reunion Morning Report

191st AHC Reunion - 2006

Branson, Missouri

The 191st Assault Helicopter Company held it's reunion in Branson, Missouri over Labor Day weekend, 2006.
Our Thanks go to JD and Fran Davis for all their hard work

Brothers and Families came, and time stood still for just a moment, and then it was over

We look forward to the next reunion, and the the prospect of meeting again with the family we love most


LZ Branson After Action Reports

Reunion Pictures from Harold Stitt done as a Windows Video -- Thanks Harold!
Click here to view the video or right click on the link and "save target as" to copy it to your computer

Reunion Pictures from Diana 'Kidd' Foran done as a Windows Video -- Thanks Diana!
Click here to view the video or right click on the link and "save target as" to copy it to your computer

Reunion Pictures from Fran Davis done as a Windows Video -- Thanks Fran!
And thanks to you and JD for a marvelous reunion
Click here to view the video or right click on the link and "save target as" to copy it to your computer

Reunion Pictures from Don Williams done as a Windows Video -- Thanks Don!
This video is really big.  Please right click on this one, and save it to your computer.
Right Click Here to download the movie.


Songs Performed at the Reunion by our own Kevin Kenney

"Softly As I Leave You"

 "Danny Boy" 
Copyright 2006, Kevin Kenney

Check back here as more Reunion Pics and memories are posted

191st AHC Reunion - 2004 - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tributes to the 2004 Reunion

 After Action Report - Tulsa Reunion, 2004

Click Here for Terri Beckham's Tribute to the 191st AHC 
This video is 14 megabytes.  Please right click and save it to your computer.
Thanks to Terri for doing this for us, and in remembrance of her uncle, Tommy Sandefur

 Click Here for a Video of Reunion Pics

Pictures from Diana Foran and the Kidd Family

Past Reunions

  2002 Reunion Report  ||  2001 Reunion Report  ||  1999 Reunion Report

Tributes from Officials to the 191st and the 2002 Reunion


Unit History Through June 1968  ||  More Unit History 1971  ||  191 History Notes 31 Dec 68

  Family Page

Deployment Orders


Bill's Poems  ||  Melissa's Poem  ||  More from Melissa

Stick's Poem || Poems by Jerry Kahn

"The Man in the Doorway" by Michael Ryerson

The Boomerang Barb

Yes, it was the sixties, and even the 191st had an underground newspaper.  While the Barb infuriated some, it garnered a lot of laughs from the unit as a whole.  No matter what you may have thought about it, this is a piece of Boomerang history.  While there were four issues of the Barb run off on a mimeograph machine someplace, only one issue has come to this webmaster.  Since the quality of the original was so poor after all these years, John Crossman took the time to reconstruct this issue, and pass it along.   Thanks, John.


The Boomerang Barb
Adobe PDF Format

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191st AHC Unit
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Huey Sound with M79

M60 Sound File (595 kb)

Unit History Through June 1968

Amended Unit History

Boomerangs and Bounty Hunters on the WEB

 Tributes from Officials to the 191st and the 2002 Reunion

2001 St. Louis Reunion Report and Photos Updated 11/03/01

 Baltimore Reunion 2002 After Action Report
 Pictures added 10/12/02
Registration List

2004 Reunion Page
September 2 - 5, 2004

VHPA 2000 Reunion

Reunion '99 Report
Louisville Pictures

Bill's Poems

Thanks Page

Honor Page

Family Page




Songs to Remember when Times are Tough

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This Land is Your Land
The Kingston Trio

The Star Spangled Banner
Whitney Houston
While the Gulf War of 1991 unfolded, Whitney Houston uplifted us all with her rendition of our National Anthem, and made us proud.  We still thank her for that amazing performance.
Super Bowl 25 - 1991

God Bless America
Kate Smith - 1938

God Bless America
Celine Dion - Today

The Story of Taps
John Wayne

Winged Soldiers
The WOC Chorus

Danny Boy
Played by Bill Janes

Amazing Grace
Played by Bill Janes

Pray for our Troops


Bill Janes (Boomerang 10) - Webmaster

June '68 - June '69

Best wishes to Cliff Sullivan and his family.  Cliff was the Original Boomerang 10 serving  May 67 - May 68

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