191st Grandpa Page

Send me a picture of those Grandkids and I'll put them here

Bill Janes

Justin Patrick Janes, Bill Sr., and Bill Jr.

Jack Tiesing

Jack Senior, and grandson Landon Jeremy Tiesing

Jack and grandson Gavin Alexander


More Grandkid Pics from Jack Tiesing

Bill Flores

I want you to meet my granddaughter.  Her name is Abigail (Abby) Graves.  This picture was taken on her first birthday 8-19-05

Here is a replacement photo for the grandpa page of me and all of my grandkids.
 From left to right, Loretta, Abigail and my new little buddy Kevin
Posted 26 Mar 07

Troy (Cupp) McKenna

Troy on the right








Troy's daughter Michelle, and husband John


Vietnam Picture Courtesy Art Almaraz
Family pictures courtesy of Michelle

Troys' Grandchildren


Jaime Christian and Mike Merisa and Liz


Pat Boyd

Pat and Nicholas

Updated Pictures  -  Nicholas (4 years) and Morgan (4 months)

Terry Wilund

Terry Wilund with Luke (l) and Grant (r)

Luke in pilot's seat and Grant in pilot's (Grandpa's) arms

Ed McKee

My daughter Shannon is on my right and my daughter Heather is on my left.  My grand daughter Rachel (the 3 year old) and my grand daughter Jessica (the two week old) are Heather’s children. “Auntie Shannon” will soon be catching up with her sister though----as Shannon is expecting her first child in January.

Here is a sneak peek at Ed McKee's new Grandson, Colton, and Ed's daughter Shannon - Picture courtesy of John Seidel, proud Dad:


Harrell Guidry

Here is my addition to the grandpa page.  I finally got them all together.
They are left to right:  Landon Matthews, Karley Strickland, Olivia Strickland, Camron Augustine, Ashlyn Matthews, Railie Guidry.


Blake Alexander
Aug 27, 1993  -  Apr 26, 1997


Don Sandrock

The boy on my right (your left) is Dylan Gregory 2 1/2 years, and the one on my left (your right) is Tyler Michael 11 months

John Davis, and Fran

I wanted to share pictures of my GREAT Grandson, Layton Alexander Files.  He was born on February 19, 2008, at 9.5 lbs and 23.5 inches long.  He already is trying to turn over and hold his own bottle.  The first with Great Grandpa JD holding him and the second with me.


Paul Vitale

Briana, Mckenzie, and Bogie the boxer

Mckenzie and Luke

Daughter Renee, Paul, and Grandson Paul


Harold Stitt

Justin and Ashlyn Plott, and Pap Pap


Bill Janes

My new Grand Nephew Gavin William Walker, born in Okinawa on Valentines Day 2009.  Mom and baby are fine, and the Green Beret Dad is too, now.  There is a secret message here, and only PC knows it.  I love ya PC.

Bruce McKay

Granddaughter Zoe

Grandson Gabriel and Granddaughter Olivia


Bruce Cromwell

Bruce Cromwell's Grandchildren along with his Mom and Step dad.   
Starting at the top left:  Brent, Macenzie, Sarah, Sunni, Colton, Hattie and Jarret

Andy Burney and Family








Grandson Robert Burney (went to be with Jesus Nov. 8, 1993)




Jim West


Back Four on Left:  Son-In-Law:  Brian & Daughter: Aimee   Grandson: Jordan  Grandaughter: BryceCenter Back:  Me (James D. West) with my wife Jeanette.Back Four on Right: Daughter: Angie   Son-In-Law: Chad  Grandson; Jacob   Grandaughter;  KaitlynOn Floor:  Daughter:  Apryll   Son-In-Law   Micah     Boy Kneeling:  Jaiden   Tallest Boy Standing: Bronsen   Smallest Boy Standing:  Ty