by Roger Stickney

At different times with various stops, and all familiar faces,
Youthful men were sent to war in many unique places.

Some came home to waiting families and everything was well
But, for those heroes who did not, their families experienced Hell.

It’s tragic that such youthful lives are lost in wars we wage,
They’re sent forth, to enforce the voice of our nation’s rage.

Our Veterans can’t sit by, and watch the evening news
Unless the folks who’d do us harm are forced to pay their dues.

Few on Earth realize what freedom really means,
But, for those who’ve been to war, they’ve seen the ugly scenes.

It’s not just death that takes your breath, but also poverty ...
That jerks your soul into the hole of dark reality.

In America, we live so well, but we’re so very unprepared
To venture forth to lands unknown and there pretend we care.

But, war becomes a personal thing beyond the enemy we face;
We give our lives to provide our kids a much more righteous place.

 Copyright 2006, Roger Stickney, All Rights Reserved


Roger "Stick" Stickney served with the 191st AHC as a Pilot and Aircraft Commander in 1969, Dong Tam and Can Tho