191st Assault Helicopter Company


Reunion Pictures

St. Louis, Missouri

September 13 - 16, 2001

Email from Fran Davis:

Here are the picture captions for the Reunion pics that you should have received by snail mail. I think I have everyone right.

On Thursday night we all gathered in the hospitality room and tried to guess who would make it and who would not. A lot of schedules had to be changed and some were just not able to get here. More folks came in on Friday and the ones that were already here went on a trip to the Anheiser Busch Brewery in St. Louis.

Friday evening we had sandwiches and goodies in the hospitality room and watched videos that some of the guys had made.

Saturday morning the guys all met to take care of business while a lot of the ladies went shopping. Saturday afternoon, Terry Wilund took most of the people on a tour of Jefferson Barracks National Cemetary in St. Louis.

On Saturday evening we attended the banquet. JD did a good job of Emceeing and as you can tell by the pictures, others volunteered to help. The food was good and the company great. Those who attended had a good time and we're sorry that the others didn't get to be with us.

JD and I are getting together the orders for shirts, watches and such and will be getting them out in the mail in the next few days. We are sorry that it has taken this long but we have had a few complications (not with the stuff, but from friends and family with problems) We do still have a few mens watches with the metal band and JD is getting more shirts to put decals on.

Look forward to seeing everyone next September in Baltimore.

JD and Fran

From Bill Janes:

JD and Fran Davis sent me a lot of pictures from the Reunion in St. Louis, as did Don Williams.  Thanks to all three of you.  I am going to get many of the pictures up on the website, but it will take me a few days.  This page, like good wine, will improve with time.  When I started this little page for the 191st almost four years ago it was small and easy to manage.  Now that so many have found it, it overwhelms me sometimes, but all who come here are treasured friends.  God Bless you all, and God Bless the USA 

John Davis, Glen Phenicie, Roy Hepler, Dick Calton, Jimmy Winemiller, Larry Miller, Gordon Hahn, Bob Kund, Phil Stanley, Pat O'Donnell, Jack Tiesing, Jim Hopson, Terry Wilund, Gary Crossland, Joe Roberts, Jesse McLeod, Bill Flores, Roger Barkley, Don Williams, Perry Davis

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