191st Assault Helicopter Company



On April 2, 2011 Skip Waugh and Rich Fleming made a special presentation to Bud Patnode at his home on behalf of the 191st.
Bud received a certificate of appreciation, a bracelet made of WWII pilot wings, and our gratitude

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View the tribute to Bud in PDF format

191st Tribute from Terri Beckham
Terri is the niece of Tommy Sandefur

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A Movie from Mike Holt

Mother Goose

Pictures from Stan Cherrie
1967 Unit History from the Longbranch

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Pictures from Mike Holt

Pictures from Mike Holt
Bearcat and Dong Tam
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A Little Low Level


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The Empty Chair

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Wherever You Are

This video is taken from a British series where Gareth Malone takes a group of people and turns them into a choir. This time he's working with a group of military wives whose husbands are all away in Afghanistan and the result speaks for itself

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This Video only takes nine minutes to view, but these are nine minutes well spent
Bring a Hanky


Chopper Pilot


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"Unforgettable" - A duet with Terri Beckham and her son Clark.
Terri never forgets her uncle, Tommy Sandefur, and she and her family never forget us.

We think that Terri is Unforgettable too.
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Special thanks to John Mattick for the beautiful piano track, and to Steve Mauldin for his expertise in the studio

American Anthem

Terri Beckham sings "American Anthem" as she did at the reunion Memorial Service in 2010.
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The National Anthem

The National Anthem sung by Kevin Kenney at Fenway Park
August 14, 2007 
Captain Kevin Kenney served with the 191st in Vietnam, and we as a unit, and a family know his talent.
So, we share it  here.

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This video is provided by the Boston Red Sox, and is used here with their permission.

One more Song by Kevin Kenney

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Disciples In Camouflage

Thanks to Terri Beckham for this Video
Terri is the niece of Tommy Sandefur

Born Again American


Born Again American - Thanks to Bill Flores for this link

Bob Howard


A Tribute to Bob Howard
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TET 1968 and the Battle for Widows Village


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Note:  The Narration in this film talks about Cobra Gunships, but the UH-1C Bounty Hunter gunships of the 191st were key in this battle.