From Melissa,


As I reflect on my new found family

Surrogate Fathers, and Veteran Brothers

I want to tell you all so very much

You see, talking with each of you

I've spoken to my Father

Since I found you

I've put the pieces lost in their place

Thank you, to each and every one of you




For your reunion this year, I write you this:


The Rose that sits on the table,

Solo, in a small bud vase…

She says to you:

I will NEVER forget where it was I came from

Nor who planted my seed

Those that fertilized the ground with their blood

That I might feed

The ground I grow in, defended, from distant shores

So I could be planted freely

And grow without fear

I bloom for you, and for them today

As I sit tall and proud in my vase

You all are a part of me, and helped me grow

To all of you, thank you for what you've done

191st is





Copyright 2004, Melissa J. Miller, All Rights Reserved




Melissa is the daughter of Richard A. Weske

Her Father was Killed in Action 21 MAY 1968 with the 191st AHC


She serves today in the U.S. Navy overseas