191st Assault Helicopter Company



Salt Lake City, Utah

September 4 - September 7, 2014

Morning Report

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Joe Roberts Joe Esparza Bud Patnode
Bernard Harvey Roger Stickney Dennis Stits
Jim Fouse Fred Tinker Victor Conner
Rocky Roccabello Larry Sands Jack Lammers
Alan Sargeant Tom McConnel Arturo Almaraz
David Mannix John "Larry" Potts Bill Janes
Tony Elliston Roger Barkley Harrell Guidry
Don Williams Bill Flores William Sneed
Harold Stitt Ed McKee Don Bearden
Dale Bellon Pat Boyd Bruce McKay
Skip Waugh Gordon Hahn Ollie "Dee" Kennedy
Tom Cloud Tom Rathge Jimmy Winemiller
Larry G. Miller August Kraemer Rich Fleming
George Clogston Clifford Walls David Hirschi-Boden
Terri Beckham Ann Sandefur Ron Leibin
Eric Rebstock Clinton Cain Ray Rugg
Paul Vitale Jerry F. Brown Roy Ahuna
Ken Carlton    


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