A letter from the 191st President




September 1, 2018


Good Morning Boomerangs, Bounty Hunters, Green Deltas et al,


I received good news from John Falcon, concerning the book he has written about the 191st history in Vietnam. According to John, the book is complete and has been published. He will have one hundred copies at the reunion for those interested in purchasing a book. The reduced price for unit members will be $13.34 per copy.

 John plans to be in the 191st AHC Hospitality Room at the River View Inn at approximately 0900 hours on Thursday morning, September 13, 2018, for the convenience of those who wish to buy the book. Once he arrives, Roger Stickney, one of the Technical Assistants during the writing process, will also be there. Reviewed by several military experts and authors, the novel has received enthusiastic acclaim.

Anyone wishing to communicate with John can reach him by email at . After nine years of hard work putting this book together, I personally extend my thanks to John for his effort.


Best regards,

Harold Stitt