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Gary F. Slanga gslanga@vvm.com Bearcat May 67 - Feb 68, Boomerang 24
Doug Fricke DougFricke_MSN@msn.com Great Website, thanks. Will be sending photos. I was a Boomerang from 21 May 67 til 9 Aug 69 as Mail Clerk and in Flight Ops for the last 6 months.
ROY K. AHUNA rahuna@prodigy.net I will send some scanned pictures of officers & enlisted men while at Camp Bearcat.
Jerry Kahn jkahnvea@compuserve.com Joined the 191st in early 1967 at Fort Bragg and flew as a gunner with both the Boomerangs and Bounty Hunters until mid January 1969. Its nice to see the 191st is finally on the web. Great job.
Martin A. Thielemann   Thank you for the information on a wonderful friend who was a member your unit (Terry Jens)
Ken Carlton rimrock@infowest.com Hello flight, I served as Bounty Hunter 36 at Dong Tam in 1969. When we moved to Can Tho, I became Boomerang 26 and flew Green Delta 707. I'm working on a CD-ROM project called The Bounty Hunters. I'm interested in hearing from Bounty Hunters or Boomerangs, I have free Long Distant calling on the weekends, lets get in touch. Check this website http://www.bountyhunters.net.
Dick Calton CaltonSanDiego@juno.com I was a door gunner in the 191st from 5'67 - 6'68, Orignally on Boomerang 019 and later on Bounty Hunter 21. There was a 2-wek period when four of us were sent TDY to the 2/47 Inf. and were involved in a Beach Landing. I'm interested in chatting with anyone who might remember me - for no particular reason - just curiosity.
Maury Herbignat maury5847@aol.com Served in Can Tho in 1970 call sign Boomerang9. Great site!
Joe 'Ragman' Tarnovsky ragman240@aol.com Bill Flores visited our website, LZ of the 240th AHC and signed our guestbook. I wrote to him and he gave me the URL for the 191st AHC site. Wonderful site and I have marked it in my Favorite Places. I wasn't with the 240th when they and the 191st were at Bearcat, you guys had moved and the 135th moved in next door to us by the time I got to the 240th. Welcome Home to all the Boomerangs and Bounty Hunters, you guys did one heck of a job. If you get a chance, visit our website, we would be honored. Webmaster note: I have added a link for this site on the Links Page.
Dawn Walsh kent.vfw@angelfire.com Just visiting the different veterans webpages. Come visit ours when you get a chance.
Fr. Ken Strawhand erelis3@excite.com Holy Mass will be offered 15 April 1999 for departed members of 191st., special intentions for Cpt. Norman Richard Kidd. KRS+
Gordon H Gosch nodrog@gdi.net I was a doorgunner with the Bounty Hunters 70-71 out of Can Tho.
Joe Hanegmon jjwood@rocketmail.com I am the son of Anthony(Tony or hangman)Hanegmon found your site finally you guys are getting together after 20?years My father was a door gunner in a UH1-Charlie model huey will try to get him to sign up on the list for the reunion. He said (if I go I might not want to come back) maybe he served w/ some of you E-mail me at this address it's my buddies thanks hope to here from some of you??
Fr. Ken Strawhand erelis3@excite.com The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered at 9 AM 29 April 1999 with special intentions for 1Lt. Jack Leroy Dodson.
Ralph Bramlett bramlet@ctaz.com I was TDY to the 191rst 2/68 thru 5/68. I am interested in the reunion in Sept. I am proud to have been associated with the men of the 191rst.
Harold Stitt harold.stitt@gte.net Great site. I was an original Boomerang, assigned to the 191st at FT Bragg fresh out of flight school in February 1967. I deployed with the unit in May and spent the entire year at Bearcat through May 1968. After two weeks in-country training with the Robinhoods at Lai Kay I returned to Bearcat and was dubbed the first Boomerang 17. I was A/C on "Super Ship", the one with Superman Emblems on the doors. My "Super Chief" was Roger Barkley. I have 200+ slides of that first year in country and will try to get some of the better ones scanned and send them along to share with everybody. This is great, I hope more of the early Boomerangs and Bounty Hunters see this site and sign in.
John K. Bowen jbowen1@ford.com Thanks for the many rides guys --As a young ground pounder with the 9th Inf. 2nd Brigade 3/47 inf. 1968 I flew with you guys many times and always appreciated all that you did. A special thanks to the guy who made the airplane like landing at Dong Tam the night the 68 Tet Offensive started. If I remember correctly, the stabilizer fin was shot away -- I was on that Huey.
Fr. Ken erelis3@excite.com Holy Mass offered 6 May 1999 for David Colin Hall 1Lt. Eternal Rest grant unto him, O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon him. And may his soul rest in peace.
Roger Barkley rvbarkley@fuse.net Thanks for the great website, good to see familiar names after all these years! I joined the 191st at Ft. Bragg and spent my entire tour with the 191st returning May '68. I was a Crew Chief with the 1st. Plt. Yellow flight, Super Ship. Have been to the two previous reunions and plan on attending the next,(Thanks Jack Teising)....See you there!!
Phil Stanley pstan34604@aol.com I joined the 191st about march of 1967. Was a gunner with the Boomerangs until October of 1967 when I joined the 135Th at Vung Tau and Blackhorse. Have many good memories of the 191st. Would like to hear from others who served at the same time.
Brad AV8ER777@aol.com Great site guys! Thanks for all you went through back then. You were an inspiration to me while I was in the Army from 89 - 96. Take it easy, you all deserve it!
Daniel Bonifas DBonifas@clsp.uswest.net July 69 to Sept 71 Crewchief. Started out working in maint. on Hueys. Was sent to Can Tho on advanced maint. team. After unit arrived I worked on night maint. team. Had lots of fun test flying, got alot of stick time. Next took over as crewchief on Huey 130 H model. I had the spare ship for the company. One day I would fly CA's the next lone missions. Some times VIP. The best missions were Navy Seals. I had the only UH-1H in 2nd flight so I was sent to the Seals alot 16 to 18 hour days. When we moved to Can Tho Our 1st CA flight became a VIP flight for the IV Core commander they got new H models. Next I was asked to take over the Core commeders Huey. I stayed on that mission for 1 year. At the end of the year they made the 1st VIP flight there own company. I didn't want to leave the 191st so I was made asst. plt. sgt of the new 1st flight. 1st flt. only flew night hunter killer missions with the Bounty Hunters. I flew every night under we closed the company down in Sept 71. Myself the 1st sgt and Commander were the last one's to send out of the 191st.
Ezio Marsh   Interested in hearing from anyone in the 191st Boomerangs who remember the Cobra Helicopter crash into the Air America plane on Can Tho airfield in 1970-71? and Helpicopter blow up killing Hispanic Sergant inside revettment. Write to: Ezio Marsh Box 10061 St Thomas VI 00801 (340) 775-6427
Ken Carlton rimrock@infowest.com Have any of the CO's checked into the Web site? What about Schimtt or Danloff (spelling?) anyone know what ever became of these two?
Jessica Wight santeal@aol.com I'm trying to find anyone who may have known my father, Ralph Bouchelle Wight.
Joe K Roberts rbunch@eurekanet.com Calling all Boomerangs, Bounty Hunters, Green Deltas, and Wingnuts. Do your best to make it to the 191st AHC reunion this year. We're not getting any younger!!! Do you know what I mean? If you know any of us that aren't listed on this web site, call or write to them and make sure they know about the reunion. Encourage them to come and bring their pictures, movies, and memories. We should all be proud of the job we did in Vietnam. I hope to see all of you in September in Louisville. It's just 3 days, but it will be a lifetime of memories. See you there!!!
kenneth j daggett   i was one of the first members of the company in 67 and left ft bragg to go to nam with it .i left a few months after arrival when we were transerfered to another avn unit. i was a cook and retired in 82. i now run a kitchen in a homeless shelter in honolulu. good to see this website....
Glenn Phenicie phenicie@cvn.net It is getting close to the reunion date. I urge everyone to make it if possible. I have been to the previous two and Jack Tiesing does an outstanding job. This reunion has become something I really look forword to and I believe everyone who attends will feel the same way.
Doug Thomas ddthom@compuserve.com Great idea! Great site! Hard to read through your guest book with a dry eye. I'm another of those originals who went over with the 191st from Ft Bragg in May '67. Flew with Bomerangs until August, when I to 1stID, 3/4 Cav to juggle our DEROS dates. Great, great memories of all I knew and flew with; God bless all of you.
Jim Fouse PFOUSE@MSN.COM worked nights in avionics from May 1969 to April 1970.flew several night missions operating the search light.I would like to hear from any of the group and I'M glad I found the web site
Deb Meyer DMeyer@oreida.com I'm trying to find out some information about my cousin, Joe Whittaker, who was killed on 8/29/67 in Viet Nam. He was a Boomerang and all I can gather is that he was killed in a helicopter crash and that it was in a non combat situation. I was wondering if you would know anyone who might have more information on him. I was only 8 years old when he was killed and I had never got to meet him. Any help is appreciated.
Don Teague DT54321@aol.com If anyone knew 1LT Carl Leonard Radtke please contact me. He flew for the 191st and was killed on 3/2/69. His nephews want to learn more about him. Thanks.
Tom Chesney huey562@jvlnet.com I joined the Booomerangs as a crewchief in Dec. 69 and came home May 70. It sure was great to see we are online. I flew alot of night missions in Camau and Cambodia.The 191st is still my pride.
Russell Cronk rapid1@early.com A pleasure to visit your site.I would like to hear from anyone that may remember my brother Ronald S.Cronk from Fulton,New York.I was young and have few memories of my brothers tour and would like to pass some memories on to his family. Thanks to all responsible for this site.
Harry Gunning hgunning@earthlink.net Great web site! Thanks for the memories. Some good, some not so good, some terrible. To bad the terrible ones are the most vivid. Some of the good ones are the conservations that I had with all thoes in operations the last time I pulled CQ. The date 1 March '69. And the next day was... Again thanks for the memories.
CHARLIE HOTT CHOTT@JRENET.COM I was with the 162nd. AVN CO. at Can Tho from Aug 69 to Aug 70. You have a great web site. I went to high school with Randy Brill that was in the 191st. We both still live in W.Va. I have not talked to him since I saw him in Viet Nam. It sounds like you are going to have a nice reunion. Good luck
dennis murphy d.r.murphy@worldnet.att.net 191st boomerang ce-69/70-174th sharks ce 67/68-talked ernie johns to extend for sharks and he was later kia-great site-check out 174th ahc for another great site
Joyce Buchanan mjbuchanan@msn.com On behalf of the Petric family I would like to thank Jack Tiesing and all the members of the 191st AHC for allowing us to attended your third reunion this past weekend. Finally after 30 years I was able to find answers to many questions I had about my brother's life and death in Vietnam. A special thanks and God Bless you to: Bill Janes, Bill Sawls, Jack Tiesing, Gordan Hahn, Jimmy (JS.)Winemiller, Richard Silva and John Jones.
Harrell Guidry kgid@mail.pernet.net For all the guys that missed the reunion, well you shouldn't have. A great time. It was nice seeing guys from 30 years ago. Not to mention the hangovers after the hospitality room. Again, thanks Jack. Job well done
Bill Sawls wls6@earthlink.com A special thanks to Jack and Bill for all of the hard work that they put in to the reunion. It was a total success.
John A. Petric, Jr. jpe7580275@aol.com I have never in my life been more proud of the name my father has given me! Bill Sawls, Bill Flores, Bill Janes, Gordon Hahn, Jimmy Winemiller, and Mr. Ricahrd Silva God Bless You All! for sharing your lives with our family. Extra special thanks to Jack Tiesing for allowing us to be apart of such a wonderful family of honorable men. Until St. Louis , FLY ARMY!!!!!
Dewey Fambry WOLF380@aol.com I was one of the first to arrive at Ft Bragg in 66 and was assigned as Intelligence Sgt. When I ask what is an Intelligence and what is his job, I recieved blanks stares and the comment, well your the Intel. Sgt figure it out. Still trying. After arrival in Rvn. I worked in Flight Operations and flew as a door gunner or crew chief, and even the peter pilot seat for some ash and trash. The 191st was a great unit made up of great people. We were there only a short time and the war came very close to us, on our first night flight we lost Cpt KIDD AND CREW TO A MID AIR. Any one having info about George Hall or Bud MacFadden both in Maintenance, Last I heard Maj. Patonode was near blind living in Florida.
Captain Bob Carr rcarr@sheriff.ccso Looking for historical information from 191st members who either crewed or flew 66-00920. We have this A/C at our Sheriff's Office in Florida. I found it at Fort Eustis, VA. and returned it to flying condition. Used it for a reunion in March with one of my fellow pilots from the A/101 AHB, Comanchero's. We served 1970/71. The Huey is registered with the FAA as N66920.
Ken Carlton rimrock@infowest.com Does anyone know what happened to James Mott (I'm not sure of the spelling)? He was evacuated after being injured when the Boomerang he was flying was hit by a mortar round in May 1969. Did he live, and can he be contacted?
Joel McDaniel Joel Mac 1@aol.com Great web site. I was with the 195th,gunships,crewchief,Thunderchickens. I did my 3 day in country training with the Bounty Hunters.This was Oct. 67. Thanks.
joseph lanham klanham @apex. net any one who served 214 combat avn bear cat april 1967 april 1968
Hal Bohne rhbohne@dialstart.net Boomerang 11 June 68 - June 69 Bill Janes please contact me asap
1stLt Hurst perhurst@cs.com Here I am. Sitting on SDO duty at HMM(T)-164 at Camp Pendelton, Ca. By chance I find my dads old unit on the web. Awsome! My dad is Chris Hurst. Boomerangs '69-'70. I'd bet he would like to here from other Boomerangs. I'm in his footsteps. I fly the CH-46 "Phrog" in the Marine Corps. His e-mail address is chris.hurst@bugli.se. Thanks!!
Don Kennedy donkennedy@ameritech.net Great Web page! I have been these past 30 odd years thinking of everyone from the 191st &m and the 606th. With a fealing of real pride for serving with a great group of guys. I served in the 606th Transportation Detachment from Oct 331, 1967 to late Oct 1968 just before everybody went to Dong Tam. I worked in the "Ye Ole Engine Shopee". I ran into Maj Griggs here in Indianapolis while he was in command of the ROTC here. I would really like to here from anyone who might remember me "SP/5 Kennedy". Thanks and hope to see you all at the reunion in St louis in 2001.
Paul Zawicki cintel@home.com I really like your holiday art work, Bill. Keep up the good work!
Don Sandrock donsandrock@worldnet.att.net I was called the "Rock"--Boomerang 19, "Bat Ship"--Richard Weske was my crew chief, KIA coming back from the river, he was the artist who painted the door symbols. I've been looking for "Fritz" Stitt and A.J.Ladesic for years. Fritz I think I've found Ya' !!
Tony fox-one@wanadoo.fr Nice web site, wonderful photographies
Bill Janes bjanes@microsoft.com Chris Hurst who was a '69-'70 unit member is wondering if anybody is interested in a trek to Viet Nam to see the old sights. Chris currently lives in Sweden, and can be reached at chris.hurst@bugli.se - If you are interested, please contact Chris..
Loren Rose   I was a crewchief on 892 a D model and 796 a H model from Nov 69 to May 70 GREAT PAGE I hope to go to St Louis see you there
Don Kennedy donkennedy@ameritech.net Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Boomerangs!! And if anyone knows a correct Email address for Phil Webb please send it to me. Thanks!!
Harrell Guidry kgid@mail.pernet.net I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the very best holiday season ever. See you in 2001
Bud Harton budharton@indianvalley.com A merry Christmas to the Boomerangs! When in Illinois, please visit the former Boomerang slick I restored at the Air Classics Museum in Aurora, IL. I am the Historical Coordinator for the VHCMA. I am attempting to locate participants in a four ship Boomerang flight which joined with the a Robin Hood Eagle flight on January 8, 1968. This flight, which flew into a horse shoe shaped ambush resulted in the award of the Medal of Honor for Robin Hood dorr gunner Gary G. Wetzel. Looking for first person narratives and any or all information on the evnts surrounding this action.
Glen Duus duus@powerup.com.au Hi, Bounty Hunters. Really great to see your web site above the best, just like you guys really were. Regards Glen Duus Possum 24 Honorary Bounty Hunter(awarded scarf early 1968).
Oriean Clayton "Clay" huey096@hotmail.com 9-69 / 4-70 Just found this site from an "Old Boomerang" Tom Chesney! Great site. Arrived at 191st as they were moving to Can Tho, was in rear party. Third day in combat, my Crew Chief (Brones I think was his name) got hit in the groin with shrapnel. 12-4-69 950 was hit by RPG, Hop lost his eye and kneecap.Pilot and Peter Pilot wounded (I can't remember their names)I was the only one not wounded. Still is in my mind, maybe guilt? Don't know, but glad to see this 191st Sight. Great Job!!
Oriean Clayton "Clay" huey096@hotmail.com 9-69 / 4-70 Just found this site from an "Old Boomerang" Tom Chesney! Great site. Arrived at 191st as they were moving to Can Tho, was in rear party. Third day in combat, my Crew Chief (Brones I think was his name) got hit in the groin with shrapnel. 12-4-69 950 was hit by RPG, Hop lost his eye and kneecap.Pilot and Peter Pilot wounded (I can't remember their names)I was the only one not wounded. Still is in my mind, maybe guilt? Don't know, but glad to see this 191st Sight.Great Job!! May the year 2000 me everything that each of you want it to be! "CLAY"
William E. (Bill) Smith boomer44@flash.net I along with Harold Stitt was an original member of the boomerangs and bounty hunters.My call sign was Boomerang 20 and Bounty Hunter 20. I joined the unit in feb.67 and deployed with the main body in May 67. I remained with the 191 thru the year and was re-assigned to dear old Ft. wolters for 2 yrs as were quite a few.Would like to hear from some of the old buddies.
Jack E.Tiesing huey00@briefcase.com Bill, Without your help and this web site our reunion would have been hard pressed to be successfull.I am eternally gratefull.You have done the unit a great service.What a great group of guys!
John Jones (ENGLAND) John.L.Jones2@tinyonline.co.uk Hello From ENGLAND. I am not a vet, just a Brit with long time interest in the Vietnam war aviation units. Just posted 20 plus photos on a new site that covers the air base at Can Tho...please visit and leave message or suggesTions. Webmaster requires more photos/stories. Thank You.. JOHN. WWW.MOOREJ.ORG
Roger Stinnett RWSRZS@aol.com Bob Heinmiller and I joined the 191st at Ft. Bragg in early '97. We came down by bus from Ft. Eustis. He went right into the gun-platoon and I went into maintenance. I joined the white-flight a few months after being in-country. I crewed 66-827 for about six months then joined the Bounty Hunters and had 66-839. I was with Mr. Sandefur on his last mission. My friend Harold Woods went down while I was on R&R. George Leas and I were beatin' feet to the " Best Damn Bunker in Dong Tam " when the rocket hit the Orderly Room. Little did we know at the time how lucky we were. We had planned on going over to bs with Heinie. Andy Burney - I know you. Dick Calton - I believe you were my gunner on 66-839 for a while. Anybody know happened to Capt. Stack? This is an excellent site - keep up the good work.
Roger Stinnett RWSRZS@aol.com Oops, didn't mean to enter it twice. I guess I was thinking about the day Capt. Stack was yelling at me because I couldn't get the cannon plug on the Hog's pod connected fast enough the day I flew as Heinie's gunner. If the second one can be removed, do it. Thanks......Roger
Roger Stinnett RWSRZS@aol.com I guess I'm on a roll today (1-28-00), one more mistake. I crewed Bounty Hunter 66-639 , not 839.
Harrell Guidry kgid@mail.pernet.net Could any of the original 191st members check and see if they have travel orders with Sgt George Hall on them.
Alan Maw agmaw@tampabay.rr.com Served with 191st at Bear Cat & Dong Tam, Mar 68-Mar 69. Crew Chief bird 107, BoomeRanges. Found this site after many searches. Please send me any other web site on the 191st. Great job here.
David Holt monroe@cei.net Looking for 162nd Assault Helicopter VULTURES & COPPERHEAD members.There is a new website at www.162AHC.Vultures.com check it out.
Bob Kund robert.kund@gsa.gov Just stumbled on to this page...Bill, I was there the same time as you (July68-July69). I was Boomerang 21. I just have to say you have created a great page!!! The picture that you are trying to identify is David Henslee (at least that is who I think it is)! Dave, Terry Jens and I were in the same flight class(68-7). we reported to the Boomerangs in Bearcat together.
John A. Petric, Jr. jpe7580275@aol.com Today is March 2nd. The anniversary of my father's death (Maj.John A. Petric) I will always remember this day and I will never forget Bill Sawls for joining our family in honoring the fallen members of the 191st. God Bless Bill Sawls!
Matthew G.L. Coker garyccpa@aol.com Fantasitic web site gentlemen. All of those who served with Lt. Dennis Coker have my greatest admiration. While I wish my father(Gary Coker) would write you all regarding his brother's days in Viet Nam up to that terrible day in March, you may rest assured I will keep in touch and remember.--MGLC
Bill Janes bjanes@microsoft.com I started this page for the 191st because it was part of me that wouldn't go away. The friends I knew, and the friends that I have found make all my efforts worthwhile. It was an honor and a privilege to serve with the men of the 191st, and it's something that cannot go away. God Bless the Men of the 191st and their families. It's really one family though, and as Tiny Tim said in Dickens Classic, "God bless us every one."
Larry Broooks brooksl@jps.net I was a grunt the 2/60th out of Tan Tru. Thanks for keeping those birds up. Must admit, I was always glad when you dumped me off back at Tango Tango. Enjoyed the pictures very much.
Dave Niederer gaylek@frontiernet.net served 70-71/ 191 AHC/ Bushwacker 10/ Looking for anyone who was in Can Tho also was in Da Nang with 2/17 CAV. Great website.
Dave Niederer gaylek@frontiernet.net to Ezio Marsh - I was in Can Tho on the day in question. I do have pictures and some memories of same
James Fouse jfouse@earthlink.net CHANGE OF EMAIL ADDRESS Just want to let everyone know that I've changed my email address from pfouse@msn to jfouse@earthlink.net (.net not .com}Great Web site and Its been good hearing from my old unit.
BRET BROCKSMITH BROCKY1331@AOL.COM MY DAD WAS IN THE BOOMERANGS 220 SEPTEMBER OF 1968 TO MARCH OF 1969. IF ANY ONE WAS ON WITH HIM CONTACT ME PLEASE, THANK YOU --- Webmaster note: Corrected the email address to eliminate confusion.
BRAD NIEDERER niederer@frontiernet.net Looking to hear from anyone who served with my dad; Sgt. Dave Niederer/Bushwacker 10, from 70-71 with the Bounty Hunters that have any interesting stories or facts about him and/or the BountyHunters at that time.
Patsy R Nelson snewks@hotmail.com I just wanted to look at the pictures of what my brother, Tommy D. Morris saw as a young soilder in 68. He made it through the hell in vietnam only to lose his battle in Sept.98 with multiple myloma cancer caused by agent orange.God Bless you all.
James Mowry NAMVET568@webtv.net I flew with the Bountyhunters from May 67 to May of 68 Welcome home to everybody. The Tet-offensive was one Birthday party I never want to be invited to again. This site is great if you remember me please write. In memory of Richard Scadato and spec-4 HOOK.
Dick Poore dpoore1743@aol.com I just stumbled on this site. It brought me back to a time I haven't visited for almost 30 years. I was a crewchief with the Boomerrangs from May 70 to June 71. Thanks for some of the memories.
Dick Poore dpoore1743@aol.com I just stumbled on this site. It brought me back to a time I haven't visited for almost 30 years. I was a crewchief with the Boomerrangs from May 70 to June 71. Thanks for some of the memories. PS. I do remember the Hispanic platoon Sgt who was killed when he opened the door to the ship still in the revampment. I remember he was only in country just a short time when it happened.
Art Almaraz hmic@vvm.com Joined the 191AHC in Sept 67, spent the first few months in maintenace P.E.'s. Got elevated to unscheduled maintenace and drove a 3/4 ton truck with 'TJ TAXI on the nose" the truck also had pin stripping. Crewed in yellow flt 821 was my ship, ACE of Sades on the doors. I have been to all the reunions and they get better each time thanks to Jake Tiesing and the fellow crew members I see each time. Troy (Mckennia) Clup and Stephen (Rocky) Roccabello got me interested in the reunions. Thanks to them I have found some old friends from days past, but never forgotten.
keith pennington kpen52@aol.com Iwas with the 191st at dong tam and can tho from 7/69 to 7/70.first 2 months in maintenance,last 10 as crew chief in boomerangs.
Steve Healey shealey@ix.netcom.com Bounty Hunters, Dong Tam-CanTho, 69-70. Best wishes to all!
Jerry Gapol Alohagg339@prodigy.net I can't seemed to access your guest book to leave a message so I go directly to you. I want to thank the 191st AHC. Sometimes in mid-1967, you guys picked-up my 3rd Platoon Co A 3d Bn 39th Infantry in an eagle flight at Rach Kien and took us into a hot LZ near Dong Tam. After we made sure the slicks was out of harms way, we gained fire superiority and accomplished our mission. Thanks again! Aloha! Gapol, Former Platoon Sergeant of the "herd".
Michael A. Harris mekong152@earthlink.net Howdy, I just found out about your site this morning. Albert Moore, President of the Mobile Riverine Force Association (www.mrfa.org) turned me onto it. Looks great and thanks for the air cover when we needed it..! I was a Navy Radioman/Gunner aboard T-152-1 from 7/68 to 7/69. Just got my personal site up last month and have created a link to your site. Why not take a peek? I have lots of photos, memorabilia, After Action Reports, etc. www.riverinesailor.com Later, Mike
Bobby Gaskin Gascan39@aol.com Have one of your former aircraft with the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation. 68-16104, UH-1H, still flying airshows, painted to represent a 1st Cav. aircraft. Was wondering if any of your members may have crewed her. If so, do they have stories, pictures of this a/c. Any help is greatly appreciated. Bobby Gaskin
Bob Merrihew Cen57281@centurytel.net I was with the Robinhoods in 70-71, but in 68' I was with the 6th BN 31st Inf 9th Div as a platoon leader and I believe it was the Boomerangs that came and helped us out (late April-May?) when we were getting chewed up pretty good in the Cho Lon District of Saigon. Our Company was pinned down after attempting a 2 platoon, on line assault through muddy rice paddies. ALL of the M-16's jammed (wonderful weapons) because of the mud (and inexperience, we were a newly formed unit). If it was your unit, they came and pulled out the dead and wounded, and brought in supplies. Bring back any memories?
Ray Coronado ray@qnet.com 191st AHC crew chief 10/68 thru 11/69. Crew chief on UH-1D & H. Also a Bounty Hunter for last 6 months I was there befor getting shot in the leg while working the Plain A Reeds (spelling) in 11/69.Was at Don Tam and Can Tho.
Craig Matus craig.matus@unisys.com I served with the 191st, Green delta platoon from ?10/69 to 4/70. Call sign 707, General Cantley's crew chief. I just happen onto this page and it did bring back some memories. Thank you, Craig Matus
Bob Coleman bob.coleman1@juno.com Bounty Hunter 38 (June'69 - Feb'70) Checking in. Good job on the web site. Great to see familiar names and to know they made it through. Thanx!
Jack Lammers JackGD704@aol.com Flew with the 191. Left Vietnam January 1970. Any old friends-email me. I would be glad to hear from you.
Daryl K. Ball dkball@tacnet.missouri.org SFC Daryl K Ball I was assigned to the 191st From the 619th/240th helicopter co I bought the 240th helicopters over on the A/c carrier to vietnam. Stay with your co till May1968 been retired since oct1968 Now living in Clintom,Mo Met a lot of great men in the 191st.God bless
Bill Tippett maddogs240@aol.com Welcome Home 191st AHC !! The 240th AHC would like to let you know that the 240th AHC and III Corps, RVN Reunion ( Aug. 10-15, 2000 ) is being held in St. Louis, MO, at the St. Louis Airport Marriott Hotel, and we would like very much if you could join our festivities as well. If you do not have a reunion going for this year, this might be the ideal occassion to marry a reunion up with this one, and it is not to late either ! That would be very simple, and other units are doing the same. Have your reunion coordinator(s) contact me, and I will be happy to pass on the info. We are pleased to announce that several ATC's from not just BearCat, but III Corps, RVN. will be at our reunion. We are also pleased to announce Adrian Cronauer, will be the Master of Ceremonies at our reunion. We are attempting to get the C.O. for 1967 for the 1st AVN BDE at the reunion. The 240th AHC Reunion, is NOT limited to only 240th AHC Veterans and Family members. For further information please go to: http://hometown.aol.com/reunion240thahc/myhomepage/club.html Hope to see you there !!! So I hope you and your unit, will not pass up the III Corps, RVN Reunion
Paul Zawicki cintel@home.com ATTN: JACK LAMMERS We need your email address.
Michael DeHart mdehart1@uswest.net my tour of duty carried me through 3(three)excellant AHC CO. MAY 1970-OCT 70 121st SOC TRANG,VIKING GUNS,OCT 70-SEP 71 191st CAN THO,BOUNTY HUNTERS AND SEP 71-DEC71 162nd CAN THO COPPERHEADS.My duties were gun/crew chief,SGT COLLINS IN CHARGE OF PLT.,roommate was MICHAEL SAMPERI(in contact with) honored to find our site,looking forward to reunion welcome home!also,to EZIO MARSH-GORDON GOSCH AND MYSELF witnessed the mid-air in question from the Bounty Hunter Longbranch. We jumped in a deuce and a half and arrived to take hoses from the fire apparatus and fight the fire for well over a couple hours. Unfortunately a lot of people lost their lives that day. Never to be forgotten, as well as our brothers in arms. Please take care - always open for a call or message - your fellow bounty hunter - De. (253)859-9046
Marge Brown dpbrown@azone.net I just could'nt go by and not tell you that I do appreciate all the time,love,and effort put into this site and all the others...The poems touch,if not grab at your heart..I am still waiting to know of my childhood friend that is POW AND NOT EVER FORGOTTEN HIM...
Robert Stumpf stumpf@frontiernet.net I was with the 9th Inf Div, Mobile Riverine Force 2/68-12/68 Thanks much for your great support and courage!!!
Carol Kirk lark@usit.net Just dropped by and wanted to say hello. I was a nurse at the 29th Evac, later 3rd Surg, in Binh Thuy from 5/69-5/70. I dated CPT Frank Brinson who came down to Can Tho after flying with the Boomerangs. In fact, I first met him while trying to let me have his Boomerang patch for my collection. That was around 8/69 when he came down to fly with the Copperheads. We went together until his death in 1/70. After he was killed, I extended my tour, left Binh Thuy in 5/70, and went to Tay Ninh until we closed the hospital there in 9/70. Finished my extension in Long Binh and came home at the end of 12/70. I just got home from the VHPA reunion in DC and went to visit Frank's grave in Arlington. I miss him every day just like it was yesterday. If there are any of you who might have a picture of Frank they would be willing to share, I would be very grateful. I never thought to take any. ((Hugs)) to all of you. -Carol-
Jason Hopson jhopson@MINDSPRING.COM Looking for anyone who served with my dad a Boomerang.I served Desert Storm 2nd S.R.I.G/2nd Mar Div
Marty Thielemann martinthielemann@worldnet.att.net Bill, you've done a fantastic job on the website. It was really great meeting you at the DC reunion and discussing Terry Jens'death after all these years. It really meant alot to me. Thanks again, please keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to seeing you in Denver.
Dave Norton nortond@nemonet.com What a thrill to find the 191st AHC web site. I was with the 191st from December 1966(the early days)until July 19, 1967. I was a gunner with the Bounty Hunters for the entire time. I have so many questions about a lot of men. I hope to see some familiar names on these pages. Anyone who recognizes my name is welcome to send an e-mail.
Bill Janes bjanes@microsoft.com We've added a lot of names on the Email list since I started this page. I'm still looking for my old Roommate, Marvin Reynolds. Anybody know where I might find him?
Bill Hawkinson - The Hawk Whawkinson@aol.com Greetings from Cougar to a great bunch of guys. This is a great website. Thanks for the memories - love you all. SP5 Bill Hawkinson, 214th Combat Aviation Battalion '68 - '69: Bearcat, Dong Tam, Can Tho - Saw 'em all
SP5 Stan Allen(The Limey) tiger_1@optusnet.com.au Served with 191st Bearcat then Dong Tam '68/'69. Was NCOIC Tech Supply. Living in denial in Australia for past 30 years. Was there the night Maj Petric and the others died. Have photo Ron took of my girl (now wife) in Australia on R&R 6 weeks earlier. I would love to get in touch with anyone who remembers me, but especially five others who were in an aircrash about 11 Feb 1969 10 mins North East of Saigon. Went down due to Tail Rotor failure. Can't remember one name. Would love to get to a reunion but distance and lack of confidence in flying don't help... so Hi and Bye to all Boomerangs and Bounty Hunters ... great guys... thanks for the friendship ... the Limey.
John W Thrift mthrift@pineland.net I was at Bearcat 9/67-9/68 and flew gunner/crew chief with the Greyhounds of the 240th AHC. My good friend Mike Jackson was a gunner with the 191st AHC. I hope someone out there can tell me what happened to him. I heard his helicopter went down in flames in the Spring of 1968 and that Mike was wounded and had minor burns from the crash.
Frank Mitchell FRmetals@aol.com Iserved with the 191 in 1969 for a short time before being transfered to the 336 in soc trang.I remember little of this time,except a buddy named Hop who I belive lost an eye. This is a great sight,spent houres reading. Frank
Robert A. Winesette bobwinesette@hotmail.com This is great. Good job. If anyone has any pictures of my cousin, Maj. Richard C. Winesette, I would certainly appreciate copies.
Larry (L. J.) Sands larry@casasands.com Since the '99 reunion my wife and I have moved to a small colonial town in Mexico, San miguel de Allende. I have change my e-mail to the current listed and an wondering if anyone knows the whereabouts of Harry (H. J.) Sands. If I remember correctly he was from Florida... a long time ago.
srmkemp srmkemp@yahoo.com Looking for Winkleplech or Wink was there when Stephen Haight crashed and burned on May 9, 1970. Knew him from the 175th Outlaw Lead 25 (Merf)
William E. Smith wsmith8@kc.rr.com Great site, wish everyone the best. Served with 191 AHC at Bearcat 67-68, Boomerang 18
Bruce Cromwell crmwell@bright.net Does anybody out there know the whereabouts of Martin Hyde?He was my room mate in 69 in Dong Tam and CanTho. His nickname was Marty. He was a Spec. 4. I think he was from Minnesota. I have tried several searches on the web to no avail.
Fr. Ken Strawhand stcas7@aol.com The Honor Page has been printed and added to the Book of Rememberences of this Church (St.Casimir's, Lowell, MA). The Names shall be read on All Souls Day at Mass at 0900 (2 November 2000, and at the Cemetery Service in Pelham, NH at 1300 4 November 2000. Eternal Rest, Grant Unto them, O Lord - And May Light Perpetual Shine Upon them. May thier souls, and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercies of God Rest in Peace. Amen
Dave Schwartz LTCFAAVRET@aol.com Bill-I did not know that 191st had a webb site. Very good job. We have all certainly aged. The pics brought both smiles and tears. Thanks for a good job. Dave Schwartz Boomerang 19 and Boomerang 8
Paul Zawicki cintel@home.com Father Ken, thank you for being our chaplain and remembering our men in your Masses on All Souls Day. Thank you for also remembering them every Thursday in your Masses throughout the year. Thank you for keeping their names permanently on the altar. And finally, we invite you to join us at our reunion in September of 2001.
Jamie jamie14_54646@yahoo.com im very interested in becoming a bounty hunter and id like for you to email me to tell me how i can become one
Maurice Wilson asahel49@hotmail.Com Hello fellow veterans of the 191st. I was also assigned to the 191st from Mar 1969 thru Jan 1970. I was assigned to 1st flight platoon as a crewchief. Whoever did the work on this site did an excellent job, and I've been searching for a link to this unit for over 30 years. I recognize the name Paul Zawicki. He was one of the pilots I flew with if I recall correctly. I was the crewchief for C & C until we moved to Canto from Dong Tam. At Canto We started flying Green Delta flights for IV Corp HQ's. I have a few pictures from there I could share, and I would deffinitely be interested in attending a reunion. I got out of the Army when I left Vietnam, but later on joined back up and made a career of the military. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed back into aviation, and for the rest of my career I was in Armor branch. To this day I consider the time I spent in the 191st as my freshman year in college. However, I was finally able to get a PHD from the university of hard knocks. In January 1981 I ran into my old platoon sergeant from the 191st his name was Mobley. I didn't get to see him anymore after that day though because I left Germany for the Armor Advanced course in Ft. Knox within a couple of days, and he had retired before I returned to Germany from ANCOC. Anyhow I'll be bookmarking this site, and I'll be talking to you occasionally. Until the next time take care of yourselves. It sure felt good to find this site Sincerely Maurice Wilson
Melissa Means mmeans@esc5.net I the daughter of William E. Smith and a teacher at Hardin Jefferson Middle School in China, Texas. Myself and my students have enjoyed this website and have learned to appreciate what all the veterans have contributed to our country. Mrs. Means 7th Period Class (2000-01)
robert larsen larsenskip@hotmail.com i was with original 29th from ft.devens that went to nam in 1968.would like to hear from anyone who was in this group or any information about my unit.
Maurice Wilson Asahel49@hotmail.com I read somewhere in the guestbook where somebody was asking about any of the commanders of the 191st. When I spoke to SFC Mobley in Jan 1981 in Germany. He told me that MAJ Danelof had been killed in a training mission after returning from Vietnam. I can't confirm this, but that's what he told me. SFC Mobley was the Platoon Sergeant for 1st Flight Platoon which became Green Delta Flight after we moved to Can Tho. I crewed the Green Delta tail number 804, and flew the G4 COL Grey, a Marine COL for 4th Corp HQs at Can Tho. My door gunners name then was Joel Guiducci. Anyhow just saying high again since I enjoyed finding this site so much. Talk to you later Maurice
Charlie Ledford   121st viking gunship platoon Feb 67 Feb 68 I saw TET in all its might we rocked day and night wounded Feb 1 1968 had three days left in country when it happened
srmkemp srmkemp@yahoo.com My ole man was with the 175th AHC OUTLAW LEAD 25, 1969-1970 Stephen Haight was one of his close friends. He was listed missing in action May 9/1970 while flying with the bounty hunters. Please don't forget him!
    I thought there were 4 people on a ship, how come there are only 3 listed on the honor list for May 9, 1970 when the ship was suppose to have blown up in mid air?
Randy Emmons Rshomaker412cs.com Randy was in nam 12-69 11-70 would like to hear from old frends. CanTho
Stan Allen (The Limey) tiger_1@optusnet.com.au Hi guys, My first request came up, I found the pilot who saved my (and 4 others) life. Funny, his name is Bill Janes ... true. Anyhow would like to find Archie Love; he was our mail clerk around Jan, Feb, Mar 69 at least. Also anyone else that recognises my name. Top site Bill.
James C. McKinney jamesmc@bellsouth.net Enjoyed your pages Bill. I know some of it brings back bad memories but we can only hope for better in the future. James C. McKinney, Msgt, Ret., USAF
Rudy Preus stellarimages@home.com I am a retired Canadian Air Force pilot. My hobby is Stained Glass and my Three Dimensional Stained Glass Aircraft may be of interest to your guests. If anyone wishes to view my work, please visit me at http://members.home.net/stellarimages
Terry W. Lund none I was in the 191st April 69 to June 70. worked Flt. Ops. To Ken Carlton, James Mott did live and when before i did.I will see you in St. Louis, 2001.
Dave Kelln RHOOD26@AOL.com Good job with the pictures (2000 reunion)-- Thanks, Bill!
Sherrie srmkemp@yahoo.com Just want to say thanks to all of you who have done so much to help answer some unanswered questions that will help a fellow veteren heal. You all know who you are and now I know why they call you family! You are highly respected for what each and everyone of you gave and did.
Bill Shivy Shivy1@hotmail.com Bounty Hunter, 1970 at Can Tho. God Bless.
Harrell Guidry kgid@mail.pernet.net I would like to wish everyone here the very best during the holiday season. I look forward to seeing you in ST Louis. Bill, keep up the good work.
Phil Stanley pstan34604@aol.com Seasons greetings to all the members of the 191st AHC and their families. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2001. I would like to hear from Frank Strickland who was with the 191st AHC and the 135th AHC,
Bill Flores bflores@arrival.net Merry Christmas to all and God bless you and yours. See you in st. Louis
James W Griffin bgriffin@microxl.com New to computers as you probably will see..I was Robinhood 6,Feb-Jul 69..Enjoying looking up all the units that I'm remember.
Ernie Saldivar saldibar@aol.com Not sure if we flew with you. I served with Second Platoon of Delta Company, 5\60, Ninth Infantry Division, from 2-69 to 2-70. We lost many good men in 69. Also, our Battalion Commander died in an helicopter crash in Aug of 69. All of you deserve our utmost graditude from all of us who served on the ground combat. All of you are heroes. God Bless, Ernie Saldivar
Victor S. Conner victorc966@aol.com Boomerang 6, Jan 70-June 70
Floyd Davis rufld@friendlynet.com I was a crewchief with the Bounty Hunters, Dec. 66 thru April 68.
Tom Cloud thomas.m.cloud@arz.boeing.com Bounty Hunter 48, Apr 69 - Apr 70
Jerry Kahn gerardkahn@earthlink.net Hi Folks, Just a quick note to update my E-Mail address. My new address is: gerardkahn@earthlink.net Happy New Year to all! Jerry Kahn
Gary W. Winsett winsett@intplsrv.net I was with D Troop 3/5Cav at Dong Tam. Looking forBounty Hunter Ray Waters & Drew(Hog)Waller.
Alan Smyth alansmyth75@hotmail.com Very good site, would any of your members be intrested in writing to me with the story of their tour in Vietnam, if intrested please get in touch, AL, London, England
jim hopson jimboomerang@aol.com I was Opns Sgt from Jan 71 until deactivation Sep 71 (I think) Was at the last 2 reunion's.Will be in St Louis in SEP. Looking forward to seeing everyone again. Does anyone know the location of CPT DAVID L KNOWLTON ??? Was Opns Off at time of deactivation. SEE YOU IN SEP
bret brocky1331@aol.com  
hackworth teagles@hackworth.com The 191st was the best chopper unit I saw in almost five years in Vietnam. A belated thanks for the great support and incredibly bravery. Hack, 4/39 1969
mike samperi   191st april 70 nov. 71 I'm doing ok hope to make the reuion in Sept.
Bill Janes bjanes@microsoft.com I have a request from David Hackworth, a published author. He is writing a book about a 9th Division Battalion - the 4/39th. David is looking for details about an extraction under fire that occurred on or about 25 Mar 69 performed by the 191st AHC. Bruce Palmer and others were involved in this action. David requests that anyone who remembers that day contact him at: teagles@hackworth.com
Drew Waller wallerd@cle.lg.bfg.com Bounty Hunter 18 (Aug'68 -Aug'69) now in Cleveland, Ohio. I've always wondered what happened to everybody. Great site Home E-mail is DWaller430@aol.com
Jeff L. Okland Jeffdoorgunnr@aol.com I was in the 191st from march 1 71 until the unit stood down on 19sept.71 Iwas a wingnut.then transferred to 18th aviation. flew gunner and crew chief three months.home march 1 72.Salute to all my predecessors.Had no idea of unit history.Proud to have been in it if only for short time
CW 2 Neal Hayes sandra.jayes@acsalaska.net 173 rd.
Bill Janes bjanes@microsoft.com A while back I was helping out Ernie Saldivar from the Ninth Division and put a notice on our web page about a reunion for 5th Bn 60th Infantry Ninth Infantry Division to be held in Denver this June. Apparently, someone from the 191st wanted to attend this reunion and responded to Ernie. Unfortunately, Ernie's computer crashed and he has lost this contact from the 191st. He has asked me to help. If you are from Denver and want to go to this reunion, please contact Ernie at: Ernie_Saldivar@fire.ca.gov
Richard B. Crawford RcCrwf@aol.com Call Sign Razorback 41
Bob Stephens bstephen@mis.net Flew with the 336 in Soc Trang from April 69 to March 70. Looking for John Refschnider or Jim (James)Mouch who were flight school friends at Ft. Rucker.
duane a. st.louis dduck13662us@yahoo I was one of the original from fort brage. I was a crewchief. I moved aircraft to sharp army depot. I was transfered to B co. 9th avn. bat. 9th infantery gust across the road from the 191st. my arcraft was one of the fist to get shot down in an lz. don't no the date. have some pitures. only remember two names Barkly and Robert Heinmiller was my doorggunner he was a casualty on March 2,1969 the wall panel 30w row 013. that is about all i cane remeber (KEEP YOUR STINGER UP) THANK YOU DDUCK QUAAAK! Duane A. St.Louis
Ken Carlton rimrock@infowest.com Does anyone know the where abouts of CWO David Hamilton, a Bountyhunter AC in 69-70. Thanks to all those who gave info on Jim Mott and the former Boomerang CO's.
Bill Proud bproud@pacbell.net I served with the 240th AHC Greyhounds at Bearcat in 1967. Upon the 191st arival in country our personal was shuffled, across the road, producing two great companys. It's a honor to have known some of your X 240th recruits. Funny, it don't feel like 34 years has slipped away. Clear Left!!
Bill Janes bjanes@microsoft.com Thought I'd let you know what's going on. I started this page using my personal WEB space, and when I ran out of that I used some other space on the WEB that I had access to. I have registered a Domain Name for the 191st. It is www.191ahc.org. I will be moving the page there but it's going to take some work. That page is up, but it isn't finished yet. You can take a look at www.191ahc.org, but the home page will still be at http://home1.gte.net/bjanes/191ahc.htm until I finish.
Bill Flores bflores@arrival.net Bill , just read your message in the guest book. I just wanted to thank you for the time and effort you put into this project , I'm sure it is enormous. Please keep it up maybe more members of this unit will find their home. Thanks again.
Dale "Doc" Jones docdj@oregonfast.net I know you have questioned a particular landing in a hot LZ. I believe that I was there as I never missd an op with 4/47th. Don't know if you have checked the MRFA site. But if you go to that site then to Historical Operations Report, then click on the date 30 Sept. You will find mention of the choppers and the hot LZ. Don't know if this will help you, but, it might be more info than you had. Regards. DOC.
Ken Carlton Bounty Hunter 36 rimrock@infowest.com I am trying to help Col Hackworth with some research for a new book concerning the 9th Div. in the Delta. I am trying to locate Maj. Erwin Schmidt, CO after Maj Petric was killed. I also want to contact Bruce Palmer, a Boomerang pilot who was involved in action on March 13th 1969. If anyone knows how to contact them please have them contact me or Col Hackworth, rimrock@infowest.com (435)-656-3551 PS I think Mike Arruti, Bounty Hunter 36, would also know of this incident. He was the Bounty Hunter Plt. Commander until I got there and then was assigned as the Operations Officer for the 191st on 29 July 69.
Jim Pier 1967 Pier@worldnet.att.net Grate job on the guest book ect.



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