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Bill Janes bjanes@microsoft.com I have had a few requests for a Guest Book on the site, so here it is.
Bill Janes bjanes@microsoft.com I have for years been looking for my old roommate, WO Marvin Reynolds. Any help would be appreciated.
Evan Jens Tilley crazyfry@earthlink.net I really appreciate what you are doing. This is a great homepage, one of the few on the net that serve a purpose. Thanks.
Don "Sully" Sullivan sgtsully@aol.com Hi folks, glad that I found your web site, like the photo of the pol fire. I was there! A neighbor from 3-67 to 1-69. Sully 240th AHC
Bill Flores wfrm@lightspeed.net I flew with 191st from March of 68 to October of 69 , Both with the "Boomerangs and the "Bounty Hunters". I have been trying To find Jimmy Dean Winemiller who was the CE for C&C from March of 68 To March of 69 , (I believe that time period to be correct). His last known address was somewhere in Tulsa Ok. Please e-mail if you can help.Thanks.
Marc W. Martin marbles@maui.net assigned to the Bounty Hunters mid 68 to feb 69 as door gunner and eventually crew chief.I was there when Gordy Hahns`pilot tried tried a down wind take off
Ruth Lukkari rlukkari@minn.net Very nice website. You should be proud of the job you did over in Vietnam. I was especially touched by the war story by William Janes. I had a brother who was killed in Vietnam and I know what it is like after those two military men come knocking on your door.
Gordon Hahn GBHAHN@AOL.COM I was with the 191ST from Aug 68 to Aug 69 ,I Flew with the Boomerangs and with the bountyhunters. I am also looking for my old A/C Marvin Reynolds, Thanks for any help. I would like to say HI to all you guys and I was proud to fly with ya all....
Harrell Guidry kgid@mail.pernet.net I served with the 191st from June 67 untill Mar 68. I enjoyed serving and flying with all the pilots there. I am very proud to be a Boomerang
Penny Reese pennyr@exhibit-enterprises.com I shared the last 10 years of my life with Kerry Doak. He severed with the 191st lin 68 and 69. His call sign was number 10. He was with the Bounty Hunters and Boomerangs. I'm sad to say he died this year. But I would very much like to hear from anyone who served with him. He spoke frequently of several men and I have a lot of pictures to share.
William J. Campbell lamppost@gulfsurf.infi.net Please add William J Campbell to your list. Call sign Bounty Hunter 22. Served at Bear Cat 67-68 and just barely made the move to Dong Tam. Like to hear from the (c model) pilots.


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