Since its arrival in the Republic of Vietnam Records indicated the following statistics through June 1968


Total Support Hours Flown 37,360
Total VC Killed by Body Count 396
Total VC Killed (Possible) 25
KIA Due to Combat 7
Non-Combat Fatalities 10
WIA Due to Combat (Losses) 10
Non-Combat Losses (Injuries) 20
Wounded in Action, Returned to Duty 25
Court Martial: Summary 0
Court Martial: Special 3
Court Martial: General 0
Article 15's 23
Venereal Disease Cases 9
Malaria Cases 0

Through 30 June 1968 the 191st Assault Helicopter Company led all other Assault Helicopter Companies in the 12th Combat Aviation Group in total flying hours for FY 68 with a total of 37,360 hours.


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