Reunion - 2002

Baltimore, Maryland

191st Assault Helicopter Company

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Inner Harbor

Inner Harbor

Inner Harbor

Connie and Our Friends from the Sailing Center

Linda, Connie, Richard, Helly

Paul Zawicki, Helly, Linda, Mary Ellen and Stan Cherrie, Larry Miller, Father Ken Strawhand

Ed and Joanne Mckee, Larry Miller, Art Almaraz

Pat Boyd, Bob Hopkins, ?, Stephen Roccabello, Paul Vitale

Glenn and Valerie Phenicie, Art Almaraz

Terry Wilund (right) and Rita (left)

The General Speaks, and the troops listen

Connie Zawicki, and Friends from the Sailing Center

Dee Kennedy, Mary Ellen and Stan Cherrie

Paul Zawicki calling the shots

Fort McHenry
Home of the Star Spangled Banner

The Garrison at Fort McHenry withstood twenty four hours of bombardment.  But the guns here still stood, and no enemy ship could pass them.

On the Parade Ground at Fort McHenry

Paul takes a break with a fellow Visitor

The Memorial Service

Candles for Our Lost



Our Soloist

The Altar


The Capitol

Statues at the Wall, Joanne McKee

Larry Miller at the Wall

A Promise Kept

On Break in DC

Thanks to Ed McKee

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