APO San Francisco 96375


AVDE-IHP 19 July 1968

SUBJECT: Letter of Commendation

THRU: Commanding Officer

1st Aviation Brigade

APO 96384

TO: Commanding Officer

191st Assault Helicopter Company

APO 96384



1. During the past six months the 191st Assault Helicopter Company, better known as the "Boomerangs," has performed its mission in support of the 2d Battalion, 60th Infantry in a truly outstanding manner. The Boomerangs always reported on time to the proper location with an operational Command and Control Ship, ten lift ships, and four gunships. On the few and infrequent occasions when a helicopter developed maintenance problems, the aircraft was either quickly repaired or a replacement aircraft was immediately furnished.

2. On 8 June 1968 the support from the Boomerangs left nothing to be desired. Throughout the day all men in the unit continuously demonstrated supreme acts of heroism while supporting the Infantry units which were in heavy contact with a large enemy force. Although all landing zones were hot and were covered by a heavy volume of enemy small arms, automatic weapons, and mortar fire, the Boomerangs never hesitated to land their aircraft where and when they were directed. This was true throughout the day and night whether the mission was airmobile assault, resupply, or medical evacuation.

3. The Air Mission Commander, Major Griggs, always functions in an outstanding manner; however, his actions on 8 June 1968 were particularly commendable. Throughout the insertion of Companies A and C, which were immediately engaged in heavy contact, he calmly anticipated requirements which greatly simplified the coordination required between us and drastically reduced the reaction time of the airmobile company. Both rifle companies were inserted in a minimum amount of time which allowed the air assets to be quickly released to another battalion that was inserted into the same area. Prior to releasing the Boomerangs, however, I requested that I be landed with Company C. In spite of the intense volume of enemy fire on the landing zone, Major Griggs unhesitatingly landed his aircraft so that my command group and I could join and better control the units on the ground.

4. Personnel assigned to the 191st Assault Helicopter Company have always provided superior support to this battalion. Their high level of performance and uncommon valor has set a standard yet to be equaled by any airmobile unit. The Boomerangs are undoubtedly the best airmobile unit with which this battalion has ever worked. Their continuing performance has proven this fact.


s/James J. Lindsay


LTC, Infantry



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