22 June 1968


The 191st Assault Helicopter Company distinguished itself by gallantry in action against a hostile force in the Republic of Vietnam on 1 June 1968. On that date the company was in support of the 2nd Battalion, 39th Infantry on an operation in the Plain of Reeds. At approximately 1230 hours and element of Company C, 2/39th Infantry was inserted at location XS 385716. Within minutes after being on the ground, the elements came under intense automatic weapons and rocket fire from enemy entrenched in a bunker complex. Throughout the remainder of the day the battle grew in intensity as additional ground forces were inserted in an effort to encircle the enemy, later determined to be a VC Battalion. Time and time again the aircraft of the 191st valorously braved hails of fire including rockets timed for airburst directed against them. Without the slightest hesitation or concern for their own safety the company continued throughout the day to make possible tactical encirclement of the enemy. Although night fell, the crews of the 191st persisted. At one point the command and control ship, in almost total darkness, landed in the thick of the fight to land the Battalion Commander and his staff, making it possible for him to personally direct the operation. The company continued on into the night, spending every effort in the face of great risks, and in spite of the fact that virtually every ship in the unit had sustained hits, to accomplish its mission. Every crew member of each ship, both lift ships and gunships deserve the highest praise and recognition for their bravery and dedication to duty. Each of them, and the company as a whole performed in a manner which is in the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit upon themselves and the United States Army.


s/William T. Leggett Jr.


LTC, Infantry



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