191st Assault Helicopter Company



Green Valley, AZ (Tucson)

September 10 - 13, 2020



Attention to all members and friends of the 191st AHC your Board of officers has agreed that the best alternative for the 2020 reunion is to postpone it at this time. We are postponing it, not cancelling the reunion!!! The reunion will still be held in Arizona sponsored by Paul and Rocky at a time to be announced. This was not what any of us wanted to do, but due to the knowns and unknowns about when the country as a whole will open up enough to remove the concerns and risks that would stop many of us from attending. The number one goal for all reunions is to achieve maximum attendance and we believe that many of us may still be apprehensive even though most restrictions may be lifted by mid-summer. All of us, due to our age, unless you were 10 years old and lied about your age have at least one risk factor to consider and most of us have multiple factors to consider. Other considerations include that we are having this in a retirement community that may not be happy about us gathering in their community at this time. Please bear with us as we try consider alternatives on the best time to reschedule this reunion. We will update you from time to time on what we are discussing and will be open to your ideas and input at that time. Thanks to all of you for your patience, stay safe.

 Harold Stitt,
Boomerang 17


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