191st Assault Helicopter Company


Branson, Missouri

Labor Day Weekend, 2006
September 1 - September 4, 2006




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The 191st Assault Helicopter will be holding it's next reunion in Branson, Missouri over the Labor Day Weekend, 2006.

It is our hope that we can gather more former Unit members than ever before to attend.

Our Reunion Coordinator will be John Davis who has most graciously volunteered to be our Host.

Information about the 2006 Reunion will be posted here as it is available.

If you served in the 191st, and are reading this, please consider attending.  For those who have never been to a Reunion, I can promise that they are an experience that you will never forget.

We welcome as well the Families of those who served with the 191st to this reunion.

The 2006 Reunion is a Family Reunion for those who served, and those at home that waited.

We hope to see you there.

A Request for Pictures, Sounds, and Video

Terri Beckham, niece of Tommy Sandefur, has volunteered to produce another video to be presented at the Reunion banquet.  After that, it will appear here on the 191st Website.  Terri is requesting photographs, sounds, and video shot by unit members to use in that effort.  We are also trying to collect pictures of all those lost Brothers listed on the Honor Page.  If you can email pictures, send them to traebeck@comcast.net or email them to me, bj@191ahc.org.  If you wish to send slides or photos, send them to  Bill Janes, PMB 213, 2736-B Towne Centre Drive, Mesquite, TX  75150.  We can scan slides or photos and they will be returned to the contributor.


Let everyone know that its definitely going to be on Labor day weekend of 2006.  For those who are flying in they will be able to fly in to the Springfield, Missouri airport.  To check out what airlines service that area go to http://www.sgf-branson-airport.com/  then they can rent a car for the drive to Branson.  I will update you more after the 20th of Aug. I hope to have everything sewed up by then.

John H. Davis (JD)
Boomerangs Always Come Back


Reunion News from John and Fran Davis - 1/31/06:


Lodge of the Ozarks Website is http://www.lodgeoftheozarks.com/




The 191st AHC will hold their annual reunion at the Lodge of the Ozarks, 3431 W Hwy 76, Branson, Missouri.  Ozarks’ Kirkwood, our Reunion planner, will book 100 sleeping rooms at the Lodge for arrival on September 1, 2006 for three nights.  If any rooms remain unreserved on August 11, 2006 (3 weeks prior to the event) the room block will be lifted.  The Reunion will incur no liability for the unused rooms.  If additional rooms are needed after the cut off date, they will be provided on a space and rate available basis.


Additional pricing is available for those wishing to arrive early (prior to September 1) or stay late (after September 3).  The room rate is $75.00 per room, per night plus tax ($83.61 per night).  The only way to guarantee this rate is to contact Ozarks’ Kirkwood for reservations.


Ozark Kirkwood -- Ask for Angie --1-417-335-4668 or toll free  800-848-5432


 For those needing assistance with transportation, Ozarks’ Kirkwood may be contacted to arrange shuttle service, airline reservations, etc.


Friday, September 1, 2006

            3:00pm Check into the Lodge of the Ozarks

                                    3431 W hwy 76

                                    Branson, MO  65616


                 Hospitality Room will be catered Friday evening and open each

                 day and evening until departure with snacks and drinks available.                  

Saturday, September 2, 2006

            6:30-9:30am     The continental breakfast will be served at the hotel

10am-12pm     A meeting room will be arranged with tables and chairs as well as podium and speakers for your business meeting

6-10pm            Banquet space at the Lodge of the Ozarks

                        Cash Bar begins at 6:00pm

                        Dinner will be served at 7:00pm

                        The menu will be Petite Filet or King Salmon served with Garden Salad, Roasted baby red potatoes, vegetable du jour, fresh rolls with butter, Chef's dessert selection, Coffee, Tea, and Water.


Sunday, September 3, 2006

            6:30-9:30am     The continental breakfast will be served at the hotel

            10:00                Memorial Service


Monday, September 4, 2006

            6:30-9:30am     The continental breakfast will be served at the hotel

            11:00am           Depart for home



Costs per person for this package as outlined:


            Single               $322.00

            Double             $195.00 (per person)

            Triple               $159.00 (per person)

            Quad                $140.00 (per person)


The above rates include all taxes and meal gratuities.  Separate pricing will be available for children under 12.  Separate pricing also available for those not needing the package as listed, such as those camping.  Camping facilities are nearby and can also be reserved through Ozarks Kirkwood


Reservations:  Each member of the Reunion Group will be required to contact Ozarks’ Kirkwood Tour and Travel to arrange reservations.   Please note that those individuals calling the Lodge of the Ozarks directly will not receive any information on your reservations as it is being held as a group block until arrival.  Upon receipt of a reservation request, each reunion member will be sent a registration letter for confirmation.


Payment/Deposits:  A deposit of $50.00 per person is requested when the reservation is made.  Final payment is required no later than August 11, 2006.    All payments must be in the form of a check (please provide drivers license number, date of birth and social security number), Visa, MasterCard or American Express.


Webmaster Note:  I have received an email from a unit member that raises concerns regarding providing SSN's on checks.  Fran Davis is discussing this with Ozark Kirkwood.  Meanwhile, if you are concerned about providing that information, and about identity theft, the obvious solution is to make payment via a money order or cashier's check, or make payment via a credit card.


 Ozark Kirkwood -- Ask for Angie --1-417-335-4668


   Ozark Kirkwood -- Ask for Angie -- Toll Free Number  //  1- 800-848-5432


News from JD and Fran 3/19/06

Anyone having a change of address or any new members please get their address to JDsFran@aol.com ASAP.  Put 191 address change in the subject line and we will send them a "hot off the press" show schedule that Angie sent along with a letter giving the details that are on the web site and a flyer about the Veterans Museum in Branson.  We are trying to catch the few that don't keep up with the web site and also give everyone a chance to pick the shows they might want to see while they are visiting Branson.
JD and Fran

29 May 2006

"Country" Fleming is putting together a life size crewmember display that he plans to bring to Branson.  Problem is, that this guy needs a name, so a contest is in order to name him.

So put your thinking caps on and bring your entry to the reunion.

Whoever submits the winning name will long be remembered and admired by his fellow unit members, and will receive a bottle of ba muoi ba (bom de bom) as well.

If you were looking for a reason to come to the reunion, this should settle it....

See ya in Branson!


25 August 06 --  Driving Tips from JD and Fran Davis



A word to the wise,  Missouri has had a rash of highway workers injured and killed recently so they are cracking down on speeders in posted work sites, especially on Interstate highways.  Please stay within the posted speed limits unless you have large amounts of money you wish to donate to the state of Missouri.  Illinois is also cracking down and will happily not only fine you but take your license and in some cases give you a place to stay, free of charge for a period of time.

ALL KIDDING ASIDE>   Missouri and Illinois are really getting serious in work zones.  Be aware of the speed limit regardless of whether workers are there or not.


27 August

Anyone that is flying into the Springfield airport and renting a car Thursday mid-afternoon that will have room for one more please contact JDsFran@aol.com before Tuesday night or call Fran at 618-540-8999 or JD at 618-540-8393.  We have a member that needs a ride to Branson.

30 August

Cell Phone contact numbers for JD and Fran in Branson.  Leave a message if there is no answer.

JD  618-540-8393
Fran 618-540-8999