Trivial Pursuit or The Children's Hour

by Jerry Kahn


Oh there once was a war that was played with a score and John Q Public would watch it

Their favorite show to watch other folks go at Six Oíclock in the evening

Oh we did try to please those brave camera men as we tried our best to amuse em

but they never staid round when the glad bags came down though we did hope the score it would please em

Oh the sponsors knew as the coaches did too that the scores they kept were uneven

and the fans got so bored with nonsensical scores that the threatened the network with leaving

So they canceled the show and let all of us go back to the towns and the cities

as everyone knows with unpopular shows the networks just had to please em

Those faces they knew that starred long ago they hope no more to be seeing

but directors it seems have started new teamís

Oh I hope thereís no reruns this season


Copyright, Jerry Kahn, All Rights Reserved



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