20 December 1967


The 191st Assault Helicopter Company demonstrated their high combat effectiveness on 13 December 1967 in support of an operation conducted by the 18th ARVN Infantry Division. At approximately 1600 hours, the 3d Battalion, 52nd ARVN Infantry Regiment was being extracted from a pick up zone near coordinates YS 545923. One lift of 80 troops had been completed. As the troop ships touched the ground for the 2d lift, approximately 120 armed enemy in NVA uniforms charged the pick up zone from a woodline approximately 200 meters to the southeast. The 191st gunships immediately engaged the enemy with rapid and deadly accurate fire. Troops on the ground cite instances of gunships pivoting almost to a halt, while receiving heavy AW fire, to fire rockets and miniguns at the exposed enemy. When tactical air support was called in, the gunships coordinated with them so that as the high performance aircraft rolled out, the gunships moved back into the area. Because of the effectiveness of the 191st and the valor shown by members of the unit, there was not a single friendly casualty among the troops on the ground, even though both the enemy and the pursuing friendly fires from the 191st were within 75 meters of their exposed position. The 191st was credited with 31 VC kills, which together with the accepted percentage of wounded to dead, would have made a VC Battalion ineffective for an extended period. I cannot praise enough the actions of the men of the 191st. Their performance throughout the entire battle was completely professional. Their actions were in keeping with the highest traditions of the the Army and reflect great credit upon themselves and their unit. Their professionalism and tenacity for the destroying of the enemy in spite of the hazardous conditions will make them remembered and praised by the 18th ARVN Infantry Division for a long time to come. Indeed, they surely saved the 3/52 ARVN Infantry Battalion from possible grave losses due to the superior fire power demonstrated by the VC unit.



s/Paul E. Morkoysky



Airmobile Task Force Commander

Asst, G-3 Air Advisor

APO 96314


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